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" I only went because my husband did!" next to a white illustrated outline of a pencil writing in front of a purple, coral, and gold gradient
I only went because my husband did!
Susie found herself on the Starter Workshop by accident and then...
Susie's journey with the School of Prophecy started somewhat by accident. Initially, she joined only because her husband, Mike, expressed a keen interest. Yet, what began as a passive participation blossomed into a profound personal transformation. Susie, who may be dubbed a 'slow burner' by some (including herself!) , embarked on a remarkable path of growth and discovery under the guidance of David and the School of Prophecy team with their varied experiences in the prophetic.Embracing the JourneySusie, initially hesitant, found re-assurance in the guidance of the leadership at the School of Prophecy. Under the mentorship of David and the team, she learned the significance of "practicing" and honing her prophetic gift. Despite her initial reservations, Susie gradually embraced the baby steps that were taught at the Starter Workshop.Overcoming Self-DoubtOverwhelmed by others sharing their words, she felt ill-prepared to contribute in the sessions. One of Susie's greatest obstacles was her lack of confidence in delivering prophetic words. Yet, it was in this moment of vulnerability that she experienced profound growth.Encouraged by her husband and others in the Starter Workshop, she ventured beyond her current comfort zone of writing and dared to speak out the words she received from God out loud. As she stepped out in faith, sharing words for three individuals, this led her to moments of profound connection and affirmation, as recipients resonated with the messages she shared.This moment marked a massive change for Susie.She was thrilled!The TransformationThrough consistent practice and unwavering faith, Susie transitioned from a hesitant observer to a confident messenger of God's word. Her journey from uncertainty to "Godfidence" is a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of stepping out in faith.Sharing the LightSusie's story, from hesitant follower to confident messenger, embodies the power of persistence, faith, and the transformative impact of the Starter Workshop. Now, Susie actively shares personal and impactful words with others, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and touching lives wherever she goes. Her willingness to step into uncertainty has not only enriched her own faith but has also touched the lives of those around her.In closing, Susie's story serves as an inspiration for all believers to embrace their spiritual gifts, trust in the process of growth, and step out in faith even in moments of self-doubt. And this is best done in the context of a loving community like the School of Prophecy.As we journey alongside Susie, we are reminded of the words from Zachariah 4:6, "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit," says the Lord Almighty.
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"Read Philippa's story" next to her headshot in front of a purple, coral, and gold gradient.
I wasn't really expecting much...
But it was such a calming, positive , encouraging, environment that my barriers fell away.
I am a lifelong learner and have been on many courses both within the secular and faith communities. They were often dis-organised, filled with promises of commitment, on-going community and further development that never materialised and left talented, eager people demoralised. In some ways I was expecting the same from the School of Prophecy and didn’t want to get my hopes up too much after it had finished. I had resigned myself to only expecting some surface level intro teaching, even though I was desperate for more.Truly life changingHowever, little did I know this course and the ongoing StretchCo community would be life changing for me. My prophetic gifting had been bubbling away at the surface for many years without having access to any language for it. I was scared to hurt or upset people with the knowledge I had from heaven so I ignored it, not knowing how to communicate what I saw or heard. In the 6 months before I signed up to the School of Prophecy Starter Workshop, God had already started appearing in supernatural, extraordinary ways to me that I could no longer ignore. As a result of some life circumstances and family illness, I was without any kind of faith community, yet I needed to process all this with people I could trust.Met with a wall of kindnessA friend of mine who was living in Canada and part of an active prophetic group there suggested the School of Prophecy. I was so curious so I signed up and just like that, the magic began when the unassuming David Shadbolt and his team appeared through my screen one cold January evening, exuding a humility and kindness that was immediately disarming. It shot straight to my heart and all the armour I had unwittingly built up began falling away over the weeks.Loved every minuteI loved every minute of the school, its teachings, encouragement from my group leader Amy and opportunities to practise. I didn’t want the sessions to end. They were so alive and dynamic not from hype but a willingness to submit to the holy spirit. It was such a calming, positive , encouraging, environment that my barriers fell away and I began to not be afraid of making mistakes as they were met with a wall of kindness.Learning that parables are keyOne particular session I was taught to communicate using a less direct method called the parabolic and this was such a relief as I hadn’t wanted to scare people. That resulted in one of my first prophecies to a non-believing friend. I had seen an image that was related to song lyrics that were very meaningful to her and it spoke directly into her situation. We were both blown away and I have continued to share in similar ways ever since . The course has taught me to communicate heaven's language in a safe, loving way with boundaries and as such the accuracy of God and the way he has used me to speak to people's lives has really built up my confidence.Love comes first - really!The love of God and reverence to his voice and guidance runs throughout the prophetic school. It doesn’t just pay lip service to its values, they are living and breathing them. That is very rare, but it is also what makes anyone who encounters it, flourish. It’s beautiful to witness everyone being built up for who they are and what they have to offer. No one goes unnoticed. The way God sees us is truly modelled here and we are unleashed for kingdom purposes. Through the commitment of this safe, loving community, it’s integrity and excellence not only on the course but also with mentoring in the months afterwards, I have activated my prophetic gift in ways beyond any that I could have ever imagined. This has included a revelation that daydreaming can be used as a tool for the prophetic in me, who knew? As well as dance and movement thanks to Anna!I have come alive as a personI have come alive as a person and in my creativity. I have continued to be loved, cherished, acknowledged and encouraged into being more of the person God created me to be through this group. This has been a surprising consequence and revelation of the continued development in StretchCo. StretchCo offers unique perspectives from faith giants all around the world and from those who you would never normally come across in your everyday walk. The guests are always amazing. It challenges me to grow and shift mind-sets every time.I have been pushed to re-imagine and re-define God beyond the periphery of my world and that flourishing in my unique identity and character has meant a freedom and joy with God, filled with hope. Beyond the prophetic course, StretchCo continues to follow through with it’s promises and support.This level of integrity and excellence is rare and without it I wouldn’t be the woman I am today, eager to step out in what God has called me for.This is the way of God and this is the way of love.Philippa
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