"StretchCo is fun, stretching, amazing." 

If you want to keep growing in a supportive community, StretchCo is for you!

You are invited to join StretchCo on completion of our Starter Workshop
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StretchCo helps you continue to develop and explore your prophetic gift.

At StretchCo, we encourage everyone to take an active part. As well as online coaching events we have an app for chats, sharing of stories and learning together....

It's about helping YOU to grow
Personally first, among us, being cheered on at every step

Then in your own sphere of influence
With your heavenly Father
As we celebrate with you

This is how we'll help you
develop your gift
give you the wisdom
to handle it well

Our fresh approach keeps you growing
Practice tracks

This gift does not grow with sporadic, occasional use or just listening to others. We are intentional about creating regular opportunities to keep sharpening and honing every person in StretchCo.

Breadth of input

We have a broad range of people in our community and believe very much in group wisdom. This is not focused around one person. Gives us a wonderful sense of balance and avoids extremes.

Immediate response

Using our various channels, StretchCo members get rapid response to questions or issues around the prophetic in their own sphere. Everybody knows they have support when they need it.

No question too dumb

We have a simple rule. No question too dumb. And normally someone in the community can answer it. This helps you not feel alone in the prophetic journey. And no fear of being judged.

Stretching assignments

We create assignments and exercises, and what we call Listening Challenges so even if people cannot get to online events in real time they can still keep developing with real situations.

Buddy just for you

Every new person to StretchCo gets a Buddy to help them integrate into the community quickly and smoothly. We encourage people to develop leadership skills so they can become Buddies for others.

You’ll enjoy a community of love, faith and always encouragement.

Regular post-workshop online mentoring and development where you can go deeper and sharpen your gift with others on the same journey.

To join StretchCo you first go through our Starter Workshop.

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We can’t wait to see you grow

Listen to Shirley's thoughts about her experience of StretchCo...

"I have grown greatly in confidence and I'm now more comfortable with the gift of prophetic visions.
Come and be stretched!"

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