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Learn from your own home with others just like you

The teaching really helped demystify the prophetic, helping to understand the various ways in which God can speak.

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The School of Prophecy brought me back the confidence in hearing God's voice for others and for myself. Amazing gift for my life!

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I'm more aware of God’s presence at work. Every day I am intentional about listening to the Lord and He often gives me a word or a picture to encourage others now.

Intentional now

First, we’ll help you recognise the many ways God communicates with you.

And, then, through you, to others.

Get practical teaching delivered in bite-sized steps


Connect with seasoned leaders ready to help you grow

Safe space

Feel safe to ask questions without fear or judgement

Amazing community

Be part of a supportive online learning community

Live online sessions

We have found this is the best way to grow in this gift

Quiet confidence

Step out and use your gift appropriately with quiet confidence

You’ll enjoy a community of love, faith and always encouragement.

Where you can access:

Starter Workshop

5 x 90-minute online sessions providing teaching and encouragement with plenty of opportunity to practise the gift of prophecy with others

Leading to StretchCo

Regular post-workshop online mentoring and development where you can go deeper and sharpen your gift with others on the same journey.

Explore our Starter Workshop
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We love partnering with leaders too

Joining demystified the prophetic for me. So good, we partnered with David to run the school for our own ministry.
Detola Amure -  Super Working Mum

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Hugely significant for our church community - empowering, life-giving, thought-provoking….and great fun too.
Andy Tilsey -  Team Leader, Christ Church, London
Get in touch with us if you would like your church or group to have your own School or if you would like a group to join our next starter workshop. We would love to help.
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"I had lost all confidence. The teaching and encouragement has helped tremendously.
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