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Join our Fall/Autumn workshop

Learn to recognise

the many
ways God
with you.

And through you, to others.

What do you think
of prophecy?

“It's not for me, only special people.”

A lot of people think that. We can help.

“It's just so confusing.”

Does this sound like you? We can help.

“I have been so hurt by it over the years.”

Far too many tell us this. We can help.

“I really struggle with it all.”

You are not alone. We can help.

This is how we help people like you.

"Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy."

Love. It had to be love first. It had to be practical and we had to break things down into simple bite size steps for people. We had to create a safe place for people, where any questions could be asked without any fear or judgement.

It had to be a community where people could continue to grow. To help people understand that this was for everybody, everywhere. That prophecy is a gift for everyday life that God has given to them and those around them.

We wanted to harness the best technology we could to help the most people we can. We wanted to help them tell others of this beautiful gift that Father has given to us. We wanted to help them grow others into this gifting. We didn't want to be limited by geography, age, culture or denominationalism.

Our online LIVE Introductory workshops "Everyday Prophecy for Everybody" provide coaching and feedback, with plenty of opportunity to practice the gift of prophecy with others.

We currently run them in Spring, Autumn and Winter, click here to see the next one to join.

Hear from some we have helped already

"The teaching really helped demystify the prophetic, helping to understand the various ways in which God can speak."


"I had never prophesied the way the School of Prophecy encouraged me to. I've just been blown away."


"With the School of Prophecy, I discovered how the Holy Spirit can redeem a wild imagination and use it efficiently for the Lord."


"I had lost all confidence. The teaching and encouragement has helped tremendously. Do join."


"The School of Prophecy brought me back the confidence in hearing God's voice for others and for myself. Amazing gift for my life!"


"Helped me realise that “random” pictures floating through my mind were often God speaking."

This is how we do it

Just for YOU

We are helping people through a variety of ways  including live online workshops, coaching and ongoing mentoring. We also work with church leaders who want to bring their whole community with them. Oh, and we have our own app for our community too.

Everyday Prophecy for Everybody

Start from the beginning

Taking it back to basics, these are 5 x 90 minute live interactive sessions on Zoom. Anyone can join in from anywhere.

People can look forward to a great time of learning how Father communicates with us. How to overcome our fears of stepping out in faith, in an atmosphere of love, faith and always encouragement.

Workshops provide coaching and feedback, with plenty of opportunity to practice the gift of prophecy with others. We currently run them in Spring, Autumn and Winter, click here to see the next one to join.

One-one coaching

Caring for you

We appreciate that for some people who have been deeply hurt, or feel burned by the prophetic, coming into a group environment may not be the best for them.

We are coaching a number of people through these issues and would love to see if we can help you.
Group monthly mentoring


Each month, we set a theme, then we take time to go deeper and ask questions, voice thoughts and develop them further. They are enlightening and stimulating sessions as we explore together, and discover treasures and wisdom waiting for us.

"They’re amazing and challenging!"

"It’s a great time to be encouraging and to be encouraged, I’ve enjoyed and benefited from every session."
Practise tracks

Growing sharper

We want to help people keep sharpening their gifting and the only way to do that is to use it a lot. We run special online Guest DropIns where we get to bless others and keep sharpening our gifting as a team.

We also are increasingly being invited as a School to join hybrid events. We have even prophesied over leaders remotely from an Anglican Church on a large screen while they were having a BBQ! That was memorable.

When you hang out with us you get to be involved in all kinds of opportunities. There are no geographical boundaries either.

Watch - What is prophecy?

How can we help you?

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