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“We love hanging out together, deepening our learning and putting it all into practice at our StretchCo events.”

David Shadbolt
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"My creativity came alive, which adds more meaning to the words I bring. I am also more intentional in my listening to His still small voice ... in and out of season." - Rita
A place for you at all our StretchCo events
Come and relax, get stretched and grow within our supportive community. Plug in as much or as little as you can.

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Cuppa ’n’ Chat – Fortnightly
Our Hangout is a place where you can relax and simply BE. Our friendly team gives a warm welcome and puts you at ease as they lead the conversation. There’s no plan as such, but plenty of purpose as we make space for informal chat about life and the prophetic. You’re welcome to simply sit back and listen or contribute as the conversation flows.
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UP! – StretchCo Monthly Mentoring
UP! invites you into deeper learning about prophecy. We set a topic and open up with comments, examples, explanations and wisdom from experiences. The conversation develops from there as people voice thoughts, ask questions and share stories.

UP! helps you stay engaged in meaningful prophetic learning within a supportive community. There’s a wealth of group wisdom and encouragement to tap into. And by taking things deeper, you continue to grow in wisdom and confidence.
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Guest Evening – Monthly
How can you sharpen and develop your gift on a regular basis? Our Guest Evenings provide a great way to practise your gift in a safe and supportive environment. Our guests are friends of the School whom we invite to join us for a time of prophecy.

Working as part of a team, you have the opportunity to prophesy to them as together we seek to share God’s thoughts and build them up. The encouragement often returns to our teams as our guests provide feedback on what they received and its relevance to their lives.
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Special events and projects
As well as all our regular events we have special events and projects where we get to continue exploring our gift and working together. Day to day chat is done in our active StretchCo Whatsapp group.

This whole journey begins with the Starter Workshop.
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A bunch of ordinary people working
with our extraordinary God.

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My heart is full!

My heart this morning is full / bursting with gratitude for this community. I am sincerely thankful not only for the development of the prophetic but the growth and stretching in my faith. You have all been my mentors and the teachings have been bursting out of you like living waters. I was told once to look for God in unexpected places and that he sometimes creeps up on you .. well yup that has happened here .. who would have thought such beauty and richness could come out of a hidden online course .. thank you 🙏amen


StretchCo since 2023
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Amazed - again and again!

That really was an amazing evening! My group was sooo encouraged by the remarkable feedback from our guest. She was so amazed and blessed!! And as for prophesying for guests who weren't present - just their names - that was quite a challenge. But the words that came fitted together so well! Feedback from those people will come in due course. Well done again - we were a great team!! I loved working with you all 🔥🔥🔥

Sally - Team

StretchCo Founder Member
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Ordinary yet extraordinary

God always amazes me how he just speaks through our ordinary pattern of thinking! With the names we are given I usually link them to people I know, character traits, a biblical character, or the names linked to places, and then it becomes a chain reaction in the thought processes, like following a trail of breadcrumbs etc 🙏🏻


StretchCo Founder Member
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Words were spot on

Just wanted to say thanks to the Guest evening team for the words that they gave me Thursday eve. They were all spot on in one way or another, and I've typed them out to really ponder them and exegete them with Holy Spirit. Bless you all, and may God continue to grow your gifting and take you dizzy heights with prophecy 🔥

Guest from Guest Evening

June 2023

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

What things do you discuss at the Hangout? And does everyone participate?

It all depends on who shows up and what comes up in the conversation. It’s hosted by School of Prophecy leaders who have a passion to share their gift and help others share theirs. So at the start of the meeting they’ll welcome everyone and just start chatting about something they’ve learned or experienced since the last Hangout. This often sparks the conversation in a certain direction for part of our time together or sometimes even the whole time. It all depends! Either way, you’re welcome to contribute to the conversation or sit back and enjoy listening to others. We always seem to come away with a smile on our face, encouraged and inspired by what we’ve heard, and lightened up by the banter and laughter. Equally, we’re always ready to discuss a difficult situation and allow God to speak through the experiences and wisdom of everyone gathered. It’s quite a mix and a great place to come and just BE. When we do that, with skilled hosting, it opens us up a space for real community and learning.

What themes or topics do you cover in UP!?

Too many to list here, but here are a few: 1) Build up: How do we intentionally build up people and churches with our gift? 2) Wise up: How do we use our gift effectively with pre-Christians who won’t get our church or religious language? 3) Encouragement: How can you bring God’s light into situations by being you? 4) What prevents us from growing? 5) Students of the Word: How do we stay grounded in scripture? Each month’s theme paves the way for deeper learning through teaching and insights from experiences. It’s very interesting to see how God moves to help us understand, learn and grow.

What happens at Guest Evenings?

We invite friends of the School – people with experience in the prophetic – to come and receive prophecy from our StretchCo community. We break up into small teams in breakout rooms with a guest for 20 minutes or so for a time of prophecy. This is your opportunity to practise your gift. And since our guests are experienced, they offer encouraging feedback to help you hone and sharpen your gift further.

I want to build a prophetic ministry – can StretchCo help me?

Our aim is to help people recognise the many ways God speaks to them and through them to others. We do that with an emphasis on being a part of a loving community, seeking to work with others in prophetic teams and encouraging you in the unique way God has gifted you. The end goal is always to build up and encourage others through prophecy – always pursuing love first. So if that’s the kind of prophetic ministry you want to develop, we’d love to help you with that.

What do need to bring to the sessions?

All you need to bring is YOU, (and maybe a cup of tea or coffee!) and then see yourself grow. You will be amazed.

Are you ready to go deeper and sharpen your gift?

All you need to bring is YOU and a desire to keep growing your gift in community.

Everyone in our StretchCo community is ready and waiting for you as you take this next step.